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Reset your Nokia Security Code

Updated 11/11/08

I have updated this tutorial with a much easier one that does not require any data cables - click here to read it

Reset DCT4 Security Code

It is not possible to READ the security code from DCT4 handsets, BUT it is possible to reset the security code back to the default setting of 12345. There are a variety of programs that claim to be able to reset the security code of DCT4 handsets. Most of these DO NOT work on the later software versions.

The best way to reset your security code is to do a full factory reset using some software called FBus by Maestro. This has never failed to reset the security code of any DCT4 phone I have tried! I have not managed to get it to work on XP but it works great on windows 98. BUT BE WARNED THE PHONES ENTIRE PHONE MEMORY WILL BE ERASED INCLUDING ANY PHONE BOOK ENTRIES THAT ARE SAVED WITHIN THE PHONE MEMORY!

Nokia FBUS by MaestroFBus by Maestro works only with M/F bus cables (not pure Mbus), Download FBus by Maestro HERE Unzip the software and run it. Switch on the phone and connect it to a M/F bus cable and just press the button "Full Factory Reset".

Unzip the software and run it. Switch on the phone and connect it to a M/F bus cable and just press the button "Full Factory Reset".

Button From Software

And that's it, the phone will be back to factory settings and the security code back to 12345!

You may need to download an additional file to get Mbus by Maestro to run - MSComm32.OCX - This file can be found in the downloads section. (place it in your windows/system directory)
Remember when using Fbus by Maestro DO NOT touch the Vibra control option. It can kill your vibration functionality!! Also if using the above method on a 7650 or 3650 do not remove cable/battery whilst the symbian OS is booting up or down.

Read/Reset DCT3 Security Code

1st method
Download Nokia Tool by Rollis 1.8 and connect your phone to your data cable. (this software works with both mbus and f/m bus cables). Read the phone info and your security code should be displayed (in the 4th text box from the top)
2nd method
If you have the program logomanager then this can also be used to read the security code. (if you don't have this program get it NOW, its the essential tool for backing up your phone book details). You can download a demo version of logomanager from . The advantage of logomanager is that it offers Infra Red connection (as well as cable). So you can actually read the security code through IR.
What If The Above Methods Fail????
From time to time both Nokia Tool and Logomanager will fail to read the security code. In particular on 6210's and 7110's. You will see ???????? in the security code field. If this is the case then you should attempt to RESET the security code to 12345 instead of reading it. The author of logomanager created a separate program called NK Profile (you can download this from my downloads section). This program lets you tweak many settings on your phone but it also has an option for restoring the phones default settings. NK Profile will only run if you have logomanager installed on your computer! Also NK Profile will connect to your handset in the same way you have configured logomanager to connect, i.e. either through cable or IR.

NKProfileConnect your phone to your cable (or IR) and run NK Profile. You will see the screen to the right. Then press the button shown below.

Default Button



This will reset your security code 99% of the time. (you may have to try more than once) Do not mess with the other features unless you know what you are doing!

The Odd Awkward 7110 or 6210!!
Ok very rarely you may come across a 7110 or a 6210 where all the above methods fail. The reason for this is that Nokia introduced an additional security feature in these models. If the security code has been entered incorrectly many times then it can't be read or reset at all! The only way around this is to either full flash the handset (including eprom area) or flash a small file called an eprom cleaner to the eprom area of the handset! More on this when I get time. :-)))