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GSM News and Articles

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Which Nokia phones are classified as Type 2, Type 5, and Type 7? Find out here!

When calculating a Nokia unlock code you must know which ASIC type your phone is. This has been easy until recently as type 7 has been introduced! Read this article to understand more.

Added on 08/01/2007

Nokia releases new range of budget phones which are ASIC 11

These are still DCT4 handsets but they can not be unlocked by code as they use a new ASIC type. ASIC 11. These handsets include: 1110i, 1112, 1600, 2310, 2610. Read my article for more information. Click the link above!

Added on 8/04/04

Nokia Unlock Codes: Version 1, Version 2, and Griffin explained

The history of unlock codes. Version 1, Version 2, and Griffin Nokia unlock codes. What are the differences? When to use them and why they exist?? Read This article to find out!

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