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How to Activate Line 2 on Nokia's - ALS


LogoManager Many networks across the world allow their customers to have two lines on the same SIM card. As far as I am aware in the UK it is only Orange that offer a 2nd line service. Therefore all handsets supplied by Orange (orange badged) will allow you to change between your two lines (providing you have subscribed to a 2nd line). This is because all Orange handsets have the ALS (Alternate Line Service) feature activated as standard. But many people acquire handsets offline (generic handsets). In this case the ALS (Alternate Line Service) if often deactivated!

It is very easy to activate ALS on most Nokia handsets. The only software you need to activate ALS for DCT3 handset and early DCT4 handsets is LogoManager.

Run LogoManager and make sure your phone is successfully connected either through IR or with a data cable. Now simply press and hold:


All three keys must be held simultaneously for a brief amount of time. Logomanager will then display the message shown below:

Logomanager ALS screen shot

When the message:
"Static ALS is currently disabled, do you want to enable?"
Select yes and your phone now has ALS activated!!! You can also deactivate ALS using exactly the same procedure.

I have tested this on all DCT3 handsets. For the 9210 ALS can only be activated when using a data cable connection, NOT Infra Red!!

Logomanager will activate ALS on the following DCT4 handsets: 6510, 8310, 8910 and 8910i. But for any newer DCT4 handsets see my exclusive below!
For the newer DCT4 handsets 7210, 6610, 6100, 7650, 3650, ALS can not be simply enabled using LogoManager (Logomanager will think it is enabled BUT IT IS NOT!).

UnlockMe Exclusive!!!!

I have recently discovered how to activate ALS on even the latest DCT4 handsets inc 7210, 6100, 7650 and newer!! All that is required is FBUS by Maestro. (featured on this site for resetting security codes) Download FBus By Maestro HERE. and then run the executable file, you will see the screen below:

Nokia Maestro Screen shot

Connect your DCT4 handset to a M/f bus cable (a pure Mbus will NOT work). Power on the phone and then press the button in the bottom left hand side of the window:

Screen shot of Maestro button

That's it, the phone will not do a great deal, but put in a SIM that has 2 lines enabled and press and hold down the hash key for about 5 sec's.


Then sign my guest book to say thanks!! Easy wasn't it!! I have managed to test this on just about every current DCT4 handset!! please mail me with your personal experiences. Remember if you are using windows XP you will need to have a program called user port installed. (this can be found in my downloads section!)

You may need to download an additional file to get Mbus by Maestro to run - MSComm32.OCX - This file can be found in the downloads section. (place it in your windows/system directory)

Remember when using Fbus by Maestro DO NOT touch the Vibra control option. It can kill your vibration functionality!!