Tutorial on How to Make LED's on Nokia DCT3 Phones Fade In & Out!

Using a piece of software called NFader it is now possible to make the LED's on older Nokia phones fade in and fade out. Please read the tutorial below to find out more! To check if your Nokia is classified as DCT3 view my MCU Matrix!

In short the process is just the same as it is for upgrading your phones software. You are simply patching the flash file before writing it to the phone!

Step 1

Firstly you will need a combined MCU+PPM flash file to write to your phone. You can now download these flash file from my site at the download section. (alternatively you can just read the MCU+PPM directly from your phone).

You must patch your combined MCU+PPM flash file using NFader 1.4 (wintesla format is not supported)

Nokia NFader screen Shot

Click the "Select File" button and select your combined MCU+PPM flash file. When the flash file has been loaded click the "Apply" button and save your new patched flash.
NB. Make sure "update CS" option is checked

Step 2

You know longer need to update the flash checksums as the latest version of NFader (version 1.4) now does this for you.

Your flash file is now ready to be written to your handset

Step 3

You must now write your modified flash file to your handset. You can do this using your favorite DCT3 flashing program. I use KNOCK but Rollis is also recommended.

Step 4

Finally all that is left to do is to update the FAID and reset factory settings. I used Nokia Tool by Rollis 1.8 to do this.

THAT'S IT! Your phone should now have fading LED's just like an 8310!!

NB: I have tested this on 8210 (patched software version 5.31), 3310 (patched software version 4.45) and 3330 (patched software version 4.16).

All credits go to the author AL